Who doesn’t want more fun, freedom and self-belief? Join our live training event and discover what blocks your energy and stops you living an inspired life!

Leigh offers a 3 part "live" training where you'll discover how to make a quantum leap in your life, no longer feel weighed down by negativity or past losses that were so painful at the time. Trauma affects our body and beliefs and over time, we end up getting in our own way at some level, when so much more is within our reach! If only we could access it?

If you are sick and tired of putting everyone else’s dreams first and put your own desires “ON HOLD”, it is time to come with Leigh on this journey and tune in to your soul’s song! Imagine what is possible when you unlock this breakthrough and become unstoppable!

Good news is this training series is focused on fun and learning, does not take a lot of your time, and all you need to do is make you the Number 1 priority because you are worth it (and it is free!). Replays are available. Register now to be the first to hear about Leigh's next 'live' training event!

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